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The Gift of Life (Campaign)
Warrington - United Kingdom

My name's Holly Shaw and I'm 22 years old...

In September this year I found out about the competition to become the 20th Battlefront campaigner in a Channel 4 project for young people (aged 14-21) who want to fight for something that they believe in. I knew instantly it was something I wanted to get involved in! I also knew the perfect issue for a campaign - Organ Donation; a subject close to my heart (or should I say kidney) as at this time I had been on the transplant waiting list for a new kidney for over three years. And so my campaign The Gift of Life was born. When I found out I had won the Battlefront competition I was actually in hospital recovering from my kidney transplant!

My Gift of Life campaign will raise awareness about Organ Donation and encourage people to think and do something about it. By educating people, and clearing up common misconceptions about Organ Donation, I hope to get more people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register and potentially save and transform the lives of others like myself.
Did you know that because of the shortage of organ donors in the UK, 1000 people die each year whose lives could have been saved? In 2005 I went on the kidney transplant waiting list after a sudden illness caused kidney failure. I was kept alive by a dialysis machine which I was attached to 3 times each week, and was put on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. For many others on the waiting list dialysis isn?t an option ? for them an organ transplant is a matter of life and death.

Waiting was tough, however I was lucky and recently received my gift of life. My story has a happy ending but for others this is not always the case as there is still a major shortage of Organ Donors in the UK. I am determined to keep campaigning not only for the people still waiting on the transplant list but for those who have died because their wait was too long, hopefully this campaign will transform and save lives.
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