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How does the person I'm thanking get to hear about my Thanks if they're not a member and I don't know their email address?
When you write your thank you, enter as much information as possible to identify that person: their name, who they are (friend, family, mentor) etc. If you don't put their email address in, you still have the option of adding other people's emails and forwarding it to someone else who may be able to pass it on for you. Regardless of who you forward it to, your message will still be live on the website, connected to your profile page and linked to the name of a Non Member (ie the person you wrote that message to). Someone may come along who knows the person you are thanking and help you connect up with them or they themselves may join one day. Every time someone with the same name as the person you thanked joins the site, you will be informed, so you can go to their profile page, see if you recognize them and link your message to them if it is them! At that point, they will also be informed that they've received a thanks message and will see that it's from you.
Let's assume however, that no-one else knows this person and that they never come to ThanksTo. Your message will still be on the website, available for other people to read, so you're still passing on that recognition and spreading your ThanksTo story!
I can only remember the first name of the person I want to thank
That's fine! Type in their first name, let's say it's Sarah, and write the rest of your message to Sarah. Fill in as much information about her as possible. When someone called Sarah joins the site, they will see in their profile page that there's a message to someone called Sarah that hasn't been claimed, and asked if they can identify if it's them. You will also receive an email telling you that they have joined so you can view their profile and see if they match the person you're thanking. If they are, you can then link your message to them and they will see your message in their profile page.
I don't even know the first name of the person I want to thank!
That's also OK, although it'll be a little harder to find the right person for you!
Type in whatever information you do know about them. It may be that someone else reads your message and can identify them and will help you link up your message. For example, you may want to thank the person in the blue Audi A8 who blocked the traffic on Battersea Road, London so that you could get your class of school children across the road safely. If someone searches on Battersea, they will find your message and may actually know that person. As I said, it's harder to find the right person but it's certainly not impossible.
Your message will still appear in your profile page and on the website for others to read, so it's still a great way of telling your story even if you never find the person it's about.
My message is really personal, does everyone get to see it's from me?
They don't have to. When you have written your personal message, you can tick a box at the end called Remain Anonymous. This means that the person you're saying thanks to will receive your message and know it's from you but no-one else will know. When your message is listed on the website, it will not say it's from you. It will also only appear in your Anonymous tab in your profile, not on your home page, so no-one else can see it's from you.
The person I want to thank will never come online
If that's the case, then we would still love to hear your message. Other people can still read it and appreciate it. We believe it's always worth writing your messages of thanks because that's what it's all about, thanking people and giving the recognition that's deserved.
I don't know who to thank!
Everyone has someone to thank, whether it's a family member for their love and support or a waitress for their outstanding service or a boss who gave you a break, there's always a story connected to the thanks. Click here to see a list of people and organisations that we have put together that may offer some inspiration!
This 'Thanking' business is just not for me
It's actually not about you! It's about the people you thank. You can remain anonymous if you don't want to be known for being the 'Thanking type' but actually it's all about the person you're thanking and letting everyone know what they've done for others. Alternatively, use it to promote yourself or your business. Put a profile up there with a summary of what you're doing and people may want to thank you. I bet you'll enjoy it when that starts happening!
Give it a go, say thanks and see how you feel. I bet you'll be surprised and find that it IS actually your thing. And if we can't convince you, then you can use to get genuine personal or business references.