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Are you a Business or a Charity?

ThanksTo is all about thanking people and organisations for the things they've done. You can thank life savers, friends and family but also staff, colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Imagine if all your customers or beneficiaries thanked you on ThanksTo for your service and support. This site would become a completely independent reference site for you. One that you could direct potential new customers and supporters to in order to see the great work you do.

What if your staff started saying thank you to each other for the mentoring, the opportunities, the great work environment etc? It would boost internal morale, attract staff and impress customers/donors.

Remember, the site is moderated, so you won't get anything rude or negative, only positive messages of genuine thanks.

As a business, references on your own site may seem contrived and possibly false, whereas they would be perceived to be far more believable on ThanksTo as a third party site.

As a charity, you can thank all the people who've raised money for you even if you don't know who they are. In your profile page, you can set fundraising targets and talk about the work you do as a result of everyone's generosity. Then think about the impact of a thanks story from a beneficiary whose life you've changed, it would act as a reminder to others about all the good work you do and be an impetus to donate more money. We have journalists who can help write the story if your beneficiaries are not able to.

Create a profile for your organisation and log in.  Then simply copy the code below onto your website to direct people to your profile page and see how ThanksTo can really help your business or charity.

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