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About us

The inspiration

The idea for ThanksTo came from reading a story about the impact of one teacher on a generation of young lads growing up in the Baltimore projects. It occurred to us that there is no way of acknowledging the impact a really great teacher can have on young people and their future. Most people we've asked have never gone back and thanked a teacher that they recognize as being a major influence on their lives. We think it's a shame that teachers never get to hear of this and worse still never get the recognition they deserve.

Of course this doesn't only apply to teachers but to all the people who make life changing or influential contributions to us, our families, friends and communities...

Our Goals

Our mission is to make a dramatic difference to our communities by encouraging everyone to thank those who make our lives better. You may want to thank someone who has changed (or even saved) your life or someone who has influenced your life in a positive way.

Imagine how that teacher, nurse or business mentor would feel being thanked publicly for what they've done. Then imagine what happens when lots of people do the same. We want all those truly remarkable people to be identified through ThanksTo for being outstanding in what they do and recognised for their valuable contributions.

But every day people do things that should be encouraged. Thank the bus driver who actually stops and reopens the door when you're running to catch it; the babysitter who steps in at short notice to look after the kids or the friend who organises the group holiday. The examples are endless...

By thanking someone you can guarantee a smile, by helping us champion those that truly deserve public recognition we'll change the definition of high net worth. We hope you'll join us in making a real difference.

What you can do on ThanksTo?

Read inspirational, funny or heart warming stories. You can read the most popular thank you messages on the homepage, search for a message by name or keyword, or simply browse.

Say Thanks to the people who've made a difference to you. It's really easy to say thanks, just search by name or keyword to find the person you'd like to thank. You can even message them through ThanksTo first to make sure you've got the right person.

If the person you want to thank hasn't joined yet you can enter their email address and we'll make sure your thank you gets delivered. If you have forgotten or don't know their name or contact details, don't worry, just include any relevant details you do know to help them find their message.

You can thank an individual, a charity, a business or other organisation, or send a thank you to multiple recipients. You can even thank anonymously if you'd like, so your thank you will be sent and be visible on ThanksTo, but it won't have your name attached to it.

Be thanked by others. Think about how many people you could thank, all the people who have made a difference to your life. Chances are, there are just as many people out there who are waiting to thank you!