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mark kelly
mark kelly
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mark kelly
 my kidney donor's family
thank for my kidney
28th Jul 09 10:43AM
donors family

my name is mark  i had a kidney transplant on 25/11/07 at guys hospital london and i am doing ok kidney is working well all thanks to my donor.words can not express how much thanks and respect i have for the donor and his family.i was given a kidney transplant and all i know about the donor is that he was a 40 year old man from birmingham who died from head injuries he had a wife and kids. there is not a day that goes by that i am not think about those people who have gave my life back and given my son back his dad so i would like to say a big big thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

my kidney donor's family
my kidney donor's family
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The Gift of Life comment
30th Jul 09 05:51PM

A lovely thank you message, I received a kidney transplant last year too and I'm very thankful to my Donor and their family too. What an amazing gift to give someone! Here is the thanks I wrote: Hope you are keeping well

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