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Thomas Edward Spence
Thomas Edward Spence
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Thomas Edward Spence
 Narcisa Drulea
Thomas E. Spence
14th Mar 12 09:49AM
Armed Forces
Just to thank for posting the video message, from Terry McCourt, Secretary, Central Scotland, Parachute Regimental Association, made at the Combat Stress, 5K run.

Not sure he has seen it yet, so just copied him the link.

Wish you and and your colleagues continued success with the campaign, and the Enterprise Project.

Also, do you know what happened too or will be done with a set of pictures you colleague took on that day. The persons concerned, myself included would have no objection to there use, if known.

Again wishing you well with the project.

Kind regards,

Thomas Spence.

Lt. Thomas E. Spence (Retd) - former Coldstream Guards, 16 Parachute Clearing Troop, and RAMC.
Narcisa Drulea
Narcisa Drulea
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