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Holly Shaw
Holly Shaw
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Holly Shaw
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Eternally grateful
23rd Jun 09 03:27PM

Thank you is so inadequate for the gift they gave me.  I recieved a Kidney transplant last year that has totally transformed my life, it is barely recognisable from that before kidney failure and dialysis. I have my health back and am enjoying the freedom from dialysis and the fact I can do normal everyday things that people take for granted.


My family have got the old Holly back and they too have got their lives back as this did not just affect me, but them too.  I Since my transplant I have been to places I have never been before, experienced things I have never experienced before and met people that I would never have met previously.  Life is so much brighter now; with so much to look forward to!

I will be eternally grateful for this precious gift and intend to cherish and make the most of every minute! The donor and their family will always hold a speical place in my heart.


- October 2008
My Donor
My Donor
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Clare Stanley comment
24th Jun 09 06:48PM

Wow! That is why this site needed to be set up so we can read inspirational things like that! It is always sad when someone dies, but I am sure this person's family take some comfort from the fact that they have helped another family get through a really tough time.... Good luck Holly in everything you do!

Holly Shaw comment
23rd Jun 09 04:00PM

It was a cadaveric donor, so I hope I make their family proud and know that something good has come out of their loved ones death, Thanks for the comment Duncan

Duncan Cheatle comment
23rd Jun 09 03:34PM

I hope the donor or other donors read this message! This si what ThanksTo is all about. Thanks for sharing Holly

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