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danielle bence
danielle bence
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danielle bence
 health and social teachers
thank you
16th Mar 12 10:48AM

Thank you for helping me with my work during workshop i know you are always there to help but it is nice to know i appreciate everything that you have done for me throughout the year you are one of the nicest people i know thank you for pushing me that extra mile to be able to get further in my education to be able to get onto the next level of health and social care your amazing i hope i can see you again after the course has finished just to see how you are doing.have a good future thanks Shemiza

Gemma you have always been there for me throughout the year at college in lesson and in tutor your always there you are a nice person who i hope has the best future ever your amazing im so glad i had you as a teacher and a tutor throughout the time i have been here you have always pushed me the extra mile making sure i do my work to the best of my ability so that i can get onto the next level of health and social care thankyou

after all the time that i have had in the college i have learnt so much through the lessons i have had always pushing me to do the best that i can and knowing when i am getting stuck you have always helped me get my work done even though i know i can do it but think i am going to fail thankyou for helping me through all the silly thoughts that i had your amazing and so kind thankyou Ian

health and social teachers
health and social teachers
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danielle bence comment
16th Mar 12 10:56AM

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