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Sir Tom Hunter, Tony Banks, Michelle Mone (OBE) - owner of Ultimo and several other Brands, TV, World Speaker & Board Member of Prince's Trust & Willie Haughey (OBE) - Scottish businessman, philanthropist and chairman of City Refrigeration Holdings are now supporting our campaign.
Margaret McCulloch - member of Scottish Parliament and a number of other politicians are also on board.
Thanks to the Armed Forces Provosts thanking the British Armed Forces
Unsung Heros Team - Combat Stress

Who are they? They are our heroes!!

Please watch our video:

Army Veterans saying thank you to us for running the campaign...!
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Unsung Heroes

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Thank You British Armed Forces

“Anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero

(Help for Heroes) 

These are the men and women who leave behind their homes, families and lives to protect and serve our country, and countries around the world that need help from Britain.

These are the men and women who travel to the most difficult of climates, who push their bodies to their limits and who show extreme bravery, loyalty and courage every single day.

These are the men and women who protect our freedom and the freedom of countries in need and who make the ultimate sacrifice for justice.

What other job requires this?

These are the true unsung heroes who deserve recognition.

Show YOU care…Say THANK YOU now…it only takes a minute.

This campaign is being run by students from Strathclyde and Caledonian Universities in Glasgow as part of an Enterprise Challenge. If they win they'll give £1500 to various charities in support of soldier rehabilitation. 

Many thanks to all our sponsors: TummyWithMummy, Homestayfriend, Entrepreneurial Spark, Doodlespark, Visero Media, Sweet Everythings and many more...






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