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Thx 2 Youth Empowerment Orgs!

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We pledge  to give £400 of our cash prize to the Young Minds Charity for Children & Young Adults  ( , if we win the challenge! (! 
If you want to help us win this money for Young Minds & would like to join us in thanking one of these organisations, or have an organisation which you would like to thank, please:
Leave a thank you message to a youth empowerment organisations by posting a comment below!
If you have a story to tell us about your chosen organisation we'd love to hear it. We thank you for your support!
Here are the youth empowerment organisations we would like to thank (you can thank them with us!):
Aspiring Solicitors ( "As law students we are all part of a hugely competitive industry. Chris White (nominated for a National Diversity Award 2014) is a solicitor who is hugely passionate about diversity. Aspiring Solicitors is committed to providing law students with advice and guidance in landing their dream job, it is therefore the perfect example of an organisation that exists to help young people to break down barriers in order to enter their chosen profession." Sneha Sivakumar.
The Hebe Foundation ( "I volunteered for this small charity in the summer of 2013, the foundation holds events and competitions for young people in the Clapham area & provides the children with both self esteem and also vital skills needed to thrive in the professional world. I've seen some of the children transform in a matter of weeks and therefore truly believe that this organisation is dedicated to changing the lives of young people in the local area." Asif Chowdhury. 
BPP Food & Clothes Drive ( "All the team members of this campaign have been involved with FCD's charitable efforts and have seen first hand the generosity of the students on our campus. FCD has allowed us to contribute to society in a way we would usually not be able to. We have collected food, clothes and money for local charities - something which we are extremely grateful for." Gemma Allen.
Jack Petchey "Speak Out" Challenge! ( "Jack Petchey's legacy provided me with a life changing experience during college - I was suffering from severe depression at the time. The organisation provided the platform for myself and my peers to share our deeply personal stories with each other which brought us all closer together - from suicide attempts to the emotional toil of having life saving operations performed on family members, we all had something to share and to connect on." Asif Chowdhury.

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