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From Rihanna to Bach; Sinatra to Cobain, we want to thank all the music makers that have enriched our lives. Through sharing their creativity with us, music makers have been providing us with enjoyment for hundreds of years. Whether they are paid £1m a record or they release it for free, we should value all artists.

The purpose of ‘thanks to Music Makers’ is to raise money for a fantastic local charity and thank artists and musicians: past, present and future.

 Working with ‘Future Arts’

We not only want to thank artists who have contributed already, but encourage those thinking of contributing. Providing the foundation, infrastructure and support for creativity is essential in further musical expression today, and in the future. ‘Future Arts’ are a Leeds-based creative arts charity that offers musical and graphic design opportunities for young people that have suffered hardship. Participants of ‘Future Arts’ are involved in creating our organisation’s logo and marketing material, which truly showcases what the charity is all about.

Campaign donations and procedure 

Through the generosity of our sponsors, for every comment of ‘thanks’ posted on our campaign wall, they will donate. A ‘thanks’ comment involves recognition of a specific artist or musician along with a supporting comment. The sponsorship money will be pooled to provide a given figure per comment, which we aim to get up to 50 pence. The unique element to this campaign is that you have the chance to give to charity without even having to reach into your own pocket. To conclude the campaign there will be a local music showcase to pay homage to music makers by representing them in a performance. The event provides us with an opportunity to open people’s ears to new music and showcase some of the talent which Leeds. ‘Future Arts’ will receive all the proceeds from the project.


Endorsed by:
- Outlook Festival
- Dimensions Festival
- Louche
- Vagabondz
- Bigger Than Barry
- Flux

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Jenny Barker
Thanks from - Jenny Barker
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:23AM
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Thanks from - Lizzie Taylor
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:22AM
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Linda Salmon
Thanks from - Linda Salmon
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:20AM
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Trish Gardener
Thanks from - Trish Gardener
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:19AM
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mary schiller
Thanks from - mary schiller
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:17AM
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Charly Foster
Thanks from - Charly Foster
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:16AM
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kath grammar
Thanks from - kath grammar
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:13AM
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Betty Samson
Thanks from - Betty Samson
Created: 13th Mar 12 12:12AM
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Aliyah Shafi
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Created: 13th Mar 12 12:11AM
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Tania Barker
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Created: 13th Mar 12 12:09AM
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