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From the beginning, our campaign mainly focused only on 3 major events. However, as we gained more experience, we tried to promote our cause by doing different activities. By the end of the campaign, we counted 6 events/activities that we have done to promote our cause throughout these 6 weeks. We were promoting our cause through Online Marketing, "Postcards" Activity, Video Contest, Guerrilla campaign, spreading persuading leaflets and having Table at Atrium. 1. Online Marketing. We created Facebook page, Twitter Account, Google Plus Account and linked them all together in order to keep our subscribers and followers updated. Social Media - — ?????? ???????? ??????????? 2. The second way in which we tried to approach our target audience was an event that is called “Make postcard for your Mum”. 3. Having booked Table at Atrium. Atrium is the main hall in our university, where almost all students spend their times in between the lectures. We have booked table there for 3 days to raise more awareness of our campaign. Table at Atrium - — ?????? ???????? ??????????? 4. Guerrilla campaign. Our guerrilla marketing campaign that we ran over the past couple of days certainly proved to be worthwhile, as it helped us increase the number of visits. It nevertheless failed to get people to actually write a thanks-message on the website (although we did get about 10 thanks-messages in). Envelopes everywhere, even at cash machines! - — ?????? ???????? ??????????? Preparing for guerrilla campaign - — ?????? ???????? ??????????? 5. We spread out all around the uni small leaflets, which persuaded people to just call their Mothers and simply say thanks to them. Persuading leaflets - — ?????? ???????? ??????????? 6. Video Competition. We decided to organise the video competition, because this is a great opportunity for people to say thanks to their mum. We will then upload these videos on our Facebook page and tag people. People will promote and share their video, because video with the highest number of likes will win 15£ prize. This campaign will significantly increase our popularity and, therefore, we need to film and upload as many videos as possible. Then we filmed the promotional video, which you can see here:
Thanks To Mothers

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"Thanks To Mothers" is a marketing campaign created by students from Bournemouth University to participate in the "Rise To" enterprise challenge. The main purpose of the campaign is to show gratitude towards Moms, because our team believe that Mothers deserve much more recognition than they receive nowadays. 

When was the last time you thanked your Mother?

Mum. Just one simple word, so many meanings. Just one person but so many roles. She is like the hero asking nothing in return - not even a thanks. Think about how much she means to you, how she loves you and cares about you. She puts your needs before her own. Do you remember, when you were younger, when there was one slice of cake left, mum would let you have it? Do you remember when you fell over and scrapped your knee, mum was there to pick you up and kiss it better? So many little things that we should be grateful for and yet we often take her for granted, that she will always be there. How oftet do we forget to simply say 'thanks'. Now it is time to think about what you do for her - especially when you are away from her - and to not forget what she still does for you, just because she is your mum. Say thanks to your mum, because you only have one.

Do not forget to thank your mother, just follow 3 easy steps:

1) Click on the "say thanks" button above
2) Complete the registration form
3) Leave yout 'thank' message

Follow us on:

Twitter: @ThanksToMothers
And visit our additional webpage:



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