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Thanks to Cancer Research UK

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Let's beat cancer sooner!


Why support us?

'No other charity anywhere in the world is doing more to beat cancer then we are.' 

We're the only one fighting over 200 cancers, including the one that matters most to you, and here in the UK we're the single largest funder of cancer research. 

All this is only possible with our generous supporters and hard-working scientists. Cancer Research UK has been working on pioneering life-saving research for over a century. 

What we want you to do?

We are not asking for money, or a monthly payment, or any regularly asked things from charities, we are simply asking you for your time. 

By simply creating a profile, which will take less than a minute, and leaving a 'thanks' message will give something back, and share your thoughts, for free and fast.

Thanks from us!

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Callum Roberts
Thanks from - Callum Roberts
Created: 22nd Mar 14 04:59PM
Views: 275
Abdulaziz Atatihees
Thanks from - Abdulaziz Atatihees
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:42PM
Views: 259
Simon Grant
Thanks from - Simon Grant
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:40PM
Views: 259
Sam Fonde
Thanks from - Sam Fonde
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:39PM
Views: 243
Alex Collyer
Thanks from - Alex Collyer
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:36PM
Views: 247
Alex Collyer
Thanks from - Alex Collyer
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:36PM
Views: 249
Dan Worth
Thanks from - Dan Worth
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:35PM
Views: 255
Victoria Durcio
Thanks from - Victoria Durcio
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:32PM
Views: 247
Olivia Award
Thanks from - Olivia Award
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:30PM
Views: 253
Josh Ware
Thanks from - Josh Ware
Created: 13th Mar 14 10:28PM
Views: 235
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