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Thank the Paramedics

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What you call heroic, they just call doing their job...

Every year thousands of lives are saved up and down the country by paramedics and the emergency services. They rarely gain the recognition or thanks they deserve, and thats something we are trying to change. 

We hope to not only receive messages of thanks, but raise awareness for a cause we feel so passionately about. This campaign is being run by four Bristol University Engineering students, and we hope you can all support us and who we believe to be the real unsung heroes!



Thankyou so much to the University of Bristol's Faculty of Engineering for supporting us and aiding us along the way. In particular Dean Nishan Canagarajah for all his help.





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dawn manning
Thanks from - dawn manning
Created: 1st Jul 14 08:40PM
Views: 896
Adania Wahl
Thanks from - Adania Wahl
Created: 7th May 14 05:32AM
Views: 792
Richard Llewellyn
Thanks from - Richard Llewellyn
Created: 17th Sep 13 02:21PM
Views: 1141
Thanks from - Anonymous
Created: 31st Aug 13 09:16AM
Views: 450
Anne Whitcombe
Thanks from - Anne Whitcombe
Created: 23rd Apr 12 11:33AM
Views: 662
Elizabeth Harris
Thanks from - Elizabeth Harris
Created: 8th Apr 12 05:31PM
Views: 766
Nigel Legg
Thanks from - Nigel Legg
Created: 21st Mar 12 06:08PM
Views: 713
Thanks from - Anonymous
Created: 20th Mar 12 10:10PM
Views: 511
Karis Bladon
Thanks from - Karis Bladon
Created: 20th Mar 12 02:35PM
Views: 538
Thanks from - Anonymous
Created: 20th Mar 12 01:37PM
Views: 519
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