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Thank The Midwives

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Our campaign is to show thanks to all those Midwives who experience different levels of joys and sorrows during the course of their job, who need recognition and a well deserved thanks.

Unlike doctors or nurses, these are individuals who tailor the needs of pregnant ladies throughout the 9 month period, creating a personal relationshipEnsuring they are comfortable, informed and stress free. We fail to realise that Midwives reduce and almost take away the stress during pregnancy but carry the weight on their shoulders, experiencing all the highs and lows of what pregnant women go through along with their family.

demanding job at its best, they endure mental and physical stress, aiding to women during delivery yet recognition of post natal service is not shown. For a short period of time, they enter our lives as a blessing in disguise, and aid mothers during the early stages of a new journey. So let’s unite and say a national thank you to the Midwives, who support us during such a special time.

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Jason Bhatti
Thanks from - Jason Bhatti
Created: 4th Mar 13 11:36PM
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Thanks from - Anonymous
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:37PM
Views: 204
Sarah Kluth
Thanks from - Sarah Kluth
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:34PM
Views: 207
Tatiana Pefaenlina
Thanks from - Tatiana Pefaenlina
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:31PM
Views: 238
Palka Pachigar`
Thanks from - Palka Pachigar`
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:29PM
Views: 197
Rajwinder Talwar
Thanks from - Rajwinder Talwar
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:26PM
Views: 213
Thanks from - Anonymous
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:26PM
Views: 188
Simran Matharu
Thanks from - Simran Matharu
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:24PM
Views: 225
Lizana Latif
Thanks from - Lizana Latif
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:24PM
Views: 226
Neelam Rai
Thanks from - Neelam Rai
Created: 4th Mar 13 06:23PM
Views: 239
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