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Man's Best Friend

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 We'd like to thank dogs for all their hard work in our community and in communities around the world. But we would especially like to thank them for their loyalty and for being man's best friend. We'd love it if others could show their appreciation for this special animal as well. 

We chose this cause after encountering a dementia patient who only feels comfortable talking to her dog and refuses to speak to anyone else. Without her dog she would be entirely isolated, this dog is effectively the only way she connects with society and that loyalty should be commended in anyone and anything.

Leave a message of thanks for your best friend, all you have to do is type a small message showing how much you love them and appreciate their company. Although they can't see it, the more views and messages we get the more we can help charities supporting abandoned dogs to help them find a loving home.


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Witt Kegel
Thanks from - Witt Kegel
Created: 29th Feb 12 07:48PM
Views: 405
Witt Kegel
Thanks from - Witt Kegel
Created: 29th Feb 12 07:42PM
Views: 463
Sheila Stewart
Thanks from - Sheila Stewart
Created: 28th Feb 12 09:45PM
Views: 404
Dorothy McQuillen
Thanks from - Dorothy McQuillen
Created: 28th Feb 12 09:43PM
Views: 399
Emilie Cornelis
Thanks from - Emilie Cornelis
Created: 21st Feb 12 11:27AM
Views: 379
Sebastian Harwood
Thanks from - Sebastian Harwood
Created: 20th Feb 12 05:57PM
Views: 379
Patrick Fincham
Thanks from - Patrick Fincham
Created: 19th Feb 12 12:23PM
Views: 371
Mike Holland
Thanks from - Mike Holland
Created: 18th Feb 12 07:48PM
Views: 384
Lara Pysden
Thanks from - Lara Pysden
Created: 18th Feb 12 07:46PM
Views: 371
Ellie Harding
Thanks from - Ellie Harding
Created: 18th Feb 12 07:44PM
Views: 384
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