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Give Thanks to London 2012

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 Welcome to Give Thanks to London 2012!!

If you have been personally involved with the Olympic and/or Paralympic games in any way; for example through volunteering, were an appointed games-maker, encouraged to take up a new sport as a result of the coverage or generally been inspired by the collaborative approach that Great Britain showed throughout 2012 to deliver a momentous games to the rest of the world, then please give thanks and show your appreciation. 

Through this challenge we aim to give thanks to those Paralympians that have shown that whatever barriers people may face, they are still capable of accomplishing outstanding achievements. As a group our goal is to raise awareness about disability, and we aim to do this through the use of sponsorships, contacting youth clubs, charities and becoming socially interactive on Facebook. We will also reinforce our idea further by promoting at University with flyers, t-shirts and fun activities that allow people to gain an insight into how people with disabilities cope doing day to day tasks. 

This cause has been chosen as part of the Rise To Enterprise Challenge taken on by Bournemouth BA(Hons) Marketing Communications students, Tash Michelmore, Sarah Clews, Charlotte Coxhead, Chiara Colella and Rachel Nicholas

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