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...thanks for a better world
Say Thanks to anyone! Thank a teacher, partner, friend, hero, even a stranger. Thank the people who deserve it.
It's so easy and well received! Even if you say thanks anonymously, in just 3 easy steps, make someone smile.
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  • "It feels so rewarding to write a Thanks" - Steve Holford
  • "Thanking's now definitely 'my thing'!" - Ian Stanley
  • "I just wanted to tell the world that miracles do happen and you should never give up hope" - Vivian McFadden
  • "I just felt better about myself" - Chris Gomez
  • "The site adds emphasis to the good work that people do" - Steve Holford
  • "More people should say thanks!" - Holly Shaw
  • "I felt like I had just made public something I had wanted to say for a long time." - Chris Gomez
  • "I love Thanksto!" - Steve Holford
  • "It's very gratifying to see what others appreciate about our organization" - Karen Kitchel, Cheerful Givers
  • "It makes me feel touched every time" - Holly Shaw
  • "My thanks made his day" - Vivian McFadden
  • "It was a fantastic feeling to receive a thanks" - Chris Gomez
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